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Some Config Examples

Click on any example to copy its format

@[email protected]  •  @shortDay  •  @textMonth @plusDate
@weatherDeg°  •  @weatherMin°/@weatherMax°  •  @weatherCond
@[email protected]%  •  @untilEmpty minutes left
@time @day, @fullDate
@weatherFullDeg, @city.
@battPer%@battStatus @memoryUsed/@memoryAvailMB
It is @time and today is @fullDate
It's currently @weatherFullDeg, @weatherCond
@time - @shortDay - @textMonth @date
@time - @weatherDeg° - @battPer%
Free: @memoryFreeMB, Used: @memoryUsedMB
@shortDay, @textMonth @date.
The Weather Is @weatherCond
The Temperature Is @weatherDeg°
Your Battery Is At @battPer%
I will be updating with more examples whenever I can.

How the examples work:

Click on any example you like to copy its format.
Go to MING Revamped's settings then click on 'Configure Info' and paste the copied string to the line of your choosing.


Version 1.0.1 6th Nov 2021
  • Multi-language support
  • 24-Hours support
  • Customize greeting suffix
  • Added @shortMonth variable (shows shortened month name e.g: Nov)
Version 1.0.0 3th Nov 2021
  • Initial release